Zucchero Black Cat World Tour 2017

Mar 16, 2017 812

Black Cat World Tour 2017. Saturday April 1, Borgata Atlantic City Casino 9:00 pm www.theborgata.com - Sunday, April 2, Foxwoods Resort and Casino 6:00 pm www.foxwoods.com TICKETS & INFORMATION, TICKETS DISCOUNT BLACK CAT CODE. STARDUST SHOWS +1 848 444 9241, GIANNI RUSSO +1 718 968 5195

Credited as the “father of the Italian blues,” Zucchero, who can boast 50 million records sold worldwide, is going to kick off his Black Cat World Tour, performing in nineteen cities across the US, including performances in New Jersey on April 1 at the Borgata Casino in Atlantic City and Connecticut on April 2 at Foxwoods Resort and Casino. Then the Sun Latino Newspaper presents  some  reasons why you can not miss the concert of the Italian singer and composer.

    1.-Best  European Tour of 2016. Recently at the San Remo Music Festival, where Zucchero was the special guest, the singer won the 'Best European Tour 2016' thanks to his highly successful Black Cat World Tour tour which included 21 concerts in the famous Arena di Verona.
   2.- Consecrated partnerships. Zucchero has shared stage and recording studios with legendary musicians such as Luciano Pavarotti, Eric Clapton, Sting, John Lee Hooker, BB King, Ray Charles, Mark Knopfler, Andrea Bocelli, Miles Davis, Bono, Peter Gabriel, Joe Cocker, Paul Young, etc.
  3.- He is the discoverer of Andrea Bocelli. Zucchero was looking for a singer to record his song 'Miserere' in order to send the demo to Luciano Pavarotti and Andrea was the one with the best timbre in his voice because he had classical and opera training. Pavarotti recorded the song and Zucchero asked Bocelli to join his concert tour.

5.- Praised by Ray Charles. The legendary singer and pianist from Georgia once honored Zucchero by describing him this way: "This guy is very talented and has a great voice, Zucchero is probably one of the best Blues singers I've ever worked with."

   6.- Eric Clapton and Miles Davis. The legendary jazzman Miles Davis listened to Dunes of mercy (Dune mosse) in an Italian radio and immediately called Zucchero to make a version of the song adding the sound of his famous trumpet; Another legend, guitarist Eric Clapton, was among the first to appreciate Zucchero's talent by inviting him to take part in his tours.
    7.-The reverence of Dustin Hoffman. At a party at Sting's house, with famous guests such as Madonna, Eric Clapton, Bono, Peter Gabriel and Tom Hanks, among many others, Zucchero heard someone singing "Overdose (D'Amore)" One of his songs and noticed that it was the actor Dustin Hoffman, who knelt in front of him and said "Zucchero, I love you". First thought it was a joke, then with shame he realized that it was a compliment.


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