Valentina Sumini won the competition published by NASA “Mars City Design Competition 2017”

Dec 07, 2017 388

BY: Ernesto d’Alfonso

Ph.D. cum laude in Preservation of the Architectural Heritage at Politecnico di Milano and researcher at the Massachusetts Institute if Technology (MIT) in Cambridge, with a chosen team of other researchers – nine students of different departments and research groups – refined a project regarding the establishment of human life on Mars.

“We made several studies – says Valentina – on a mechanism to cease radiations and we found that water – extracted from ice – would have been a key element since it is naturally present in the Martian subsoil. We are currently improving our study, building – 1:1 scale – a mechanism able to extract ice from the subsoil and liquefy it. A layer of water (one metre thick) would allow the internal space to be protected from harmful radiations. 

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