California passes a lot of dumb bills. Ending Columbus Day would be one of themf

Apr 09, 2018 565

BY: George Skelton

I know, Christopher Columbus' "discovery" of this already inhabited continent led to the indefensible annihilation of Native American life that had existed for thousands of years. I've always been incensed about it after being brought up by a mother whose grandmother was a Cherokee toddler on the Trail of Tears. Mom revered her Native American heritage.

I've never been a Columbus fan, but maybe it's time to stop picking on the guy. He was a historic explorer, after all. And some European was bound to sail here eventually and begin conquering the natives. Most importantly, Columbus Day is now an annual occasion for Italian Americans to celebrate their heritage. I've witnessed that pride of culture. My children's great-grandfather on their mother's side sailed to San Francisco from Columbus' hometown of Genoa in the 1800s. Like many, he headed for the Sierra gold country.

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