Italian Center open house and bocce court breakfast at Carmichael Park

Oct 01, 2022 200

Saturday, October 15 10 am - 2 pm. With special performances by the Society’s Bambini Children’s Folk Dancers and the Balliamo! Adult Folk Dancers at both events. Admission is FREE and our community is invited! Guests at the Bocce Court breakfast are invited to tour the Italian Center during the event with our Italian Center volunteers.

Visiting the Italian Center is a great adventure of discovery of our Italian roots and our recent historical past to understand where we came from and who we are today. Our elegant Center contains some of the most unique historical and art exhibits that tell the Italian American Story, providing us with a greater awareness about our Italian American identity.

Visit our exhibit hall collections on permanent display, language school classrooms, the Italian-American Experience collection library, pre-school classroom and the main hall where events and gatherings are held..

Light Refreshments will be served at the Italian Center

The Italian Cultural Center was constructed in 2007 after a multi-year fund raising campaign by the Italian American community. The Center was built to house the Cultural programs of the Italian Cultural Society. The Center is used on a daily basis to conduct films, lectures, language classes, art shows, cooking demonstrations, historical exhibits, folk dance practices and special events.

SOURCE: Italian Cultural Society, Sacramento

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