Italian Cultural Society Celebrates 40 years!

Dec 06, 2021 384

For the past 40 years, the Italian Cultural Society has been at the forefront of uplifting the Italian American community. The Society has successfully served the cultural needs of the Italian community during these past 4 decades and has become a major cultural institution in the Sacramento region.

From humble beginnings, the Society has grown and provided community leadership to achieve our aspiration of building a brighter future for the Italian community. Our most recent success was the role the Society played in obtaining Recognition of the East Sacramento Italian neighborhood as a “LITTLE ITALY HISTORIC DISTRICT” by the City of Sacramento. This recognition was long overdue but now it is part of our legacy.

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Other Community Goals that the Italian Cultural Society has Achieved Include: 

Built and operates the multi-million-dollar modern Italian Cultural Center of northern California to house a rich and diverse cultural program – "A Dream Realized."

Established a major Italian Language School including pre and elementary school programs as well as adult and traveler’s classes and summer camps for children.

Sponsor Children’s and Adult Italian Folk Dance troupes which perform across northern California

Publish a community newsletter distributed to thousands of homes.

Sponsor a Weekly Italian American Radio Show to air the best of our Italian musical heritage.

Conduct low-cost Tours to Italy from the Lakes of the north, to Rome and Tuscany, to Sicily in the south.

Created Historical Exhibits that tell our story and are on permanent display in the Italian Cultural Center including the “Italians of Sacramento” and the” Italians in the Gold Rush” exhibits.

Sponsor Italian-American Community Festivals like “Festa Italiana” attended by thousands each year, an "Italian American Heritage Day/Columbus Day Celebration,” and “Festa della Befana,” an annual festival for the Italian children of the region.

Present weekly films, lectures, food and wine demonstrations, and art and history exhibits which reflect our traditions and heritage.

Built a major Italian American library collection that is housed at the Italian Cultural Center.

Operates a community hotline.

And most of all, under one roof, the Society has been the advocate and voice for the Italian American people.

The Accomplishments of the Italian Cultural Society Over the Past 40 years Are Enormous

The Society’s cultural programs have touched the lives of many people. And for many the Society has changed their lives.

Thousands of students have attended our Italian Language school which operates both day and evening programs. Hundreds of travelers have had the opportunity to see Italy on our small group tours hosted by the Society. Thousands of Italian households receive our newsletter. The number of people who have participated and attended our festivals, films, lectures, food shows, art and history exhibits, concerts, and other special events over the past 40 years is in the tens of thousands. And the number of inquiries on the community hotline have also been in the thousands. All part of maintaining and preserving our larger Italian American community.

Not bad for a self-supporting cultural organization. The programs of the Italian Cultural Society are greater than the sum of their parts. But we rely on the support of people who care about their connection to our Italian Heritage. People like you.

All of our good work was made possible by the Society Volunteers and Staff and support from our Members and Friends of the Society.

SOURCE: Italian Cultural Society of Sacramento

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