Italian tradition at the heart of LA: the San Antonio Winery and the history of the Riboli family

Nov 15, 2019 312


Family life is made of plenty of things: of simplicity and mundanity, of smiles and fights, of daily routine and special moments, of love and many, many memories. Family life, when you think of it, is at the very heart of everyone’s personal heritage and personal “traditions:” what we eat on Christmas Day, the way we fold shirts, the recipe of tagliatelle, the way we cook our Sunday roast, it all comes down to how our family has always done it, to the way our mothers and grandmothers told us their own mothers and grandmothers used to do it.

All this stands true for the Ribolis, with an important addition: their family life and traditions are at the heart of LA’s Italian-American heritage, an essential sign of the relevance of Italian-American businesses in US economy and, not lastly, a living image of how an American dream, given resilience, creativity and determination, can indeed come true.

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