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Aug 12, 2017 2335

BY: Joe Buscaino

Dear Friends, on Wednesday, August 23rd at 10:00 AM, the Los Angeles City Council will consider a proposal to eliminate all references to the Columbus Day holiday in official city documents, and replace it with Indigenous People's Day. As a first-generation Italian-American, I find this proposal deeply troubling.

The celebration of our diversity and variety of cultures is part of what defines us as a city and nation. This has become even more apparent in light of recent news events highlighting the need for racial and ethnic harmony. We celebrate the hundreds of years of immigration to America because it is the immigrant that represents America's ideals in the purest form -- the notion that anyone can come here, work hard, succeed and achieve the American dream.

Those who created Columbus day were seeking a nation that is inclusive -- as a way to empower immigrants and celebrate their diversity. This day recognizes the beginning of worldwide immigration to America. It truly is a celebration of immigrants coming here to seek a better life for themselves and their families. Columbus, or Columbia, is no longer about a man, it is now a universal theme, that has become ubiquitous with the celebration of not only Italian American Heritage, but the celebration of all cultures, and the acknowledgement of the sacrifices and contributions made by their parents, grandparents and great-grandparents to this great nation.

I support the creation of a holiday celebrating Indigenous Peoples, because it is so important to teach our young people about the contributions of all our cultures. But not at the expense of another culture or heritage, because I believe that goes against our ideals in this country.

I urge you to attend the City Council meeting on Wednesday, August 23rd at 10 AM in City Hall, and speak in opposition to this misguided proposal! Please arrive early to ensure plenty of time to park and clear security. Doors to the Council Chamber open at 9:30 AM.

If you need parking, please contact Lidia Soto in my City Hall office with your name, vehicle make, model, color and license plate number by emailing, or calling 212-473-7015.

SOURCE: Ann Potenza

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