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May 10, 2013 738

SANTA ANA, CA.- Gems of the Medici, an acclaimed international exhibition, highlights some of the oldest and most unique pieces of the Medici collections including antiquities dating from the 1st Century BCE as well as a cornelian which was part of the Seal of Nero. This touring exhibition will transport visitors to 15th century Italy and beyond by experiencing the captivating world of one of history's most intriguing families.

Comprised of 100 objects on loan from distinguished institutions in Florence, Italy, Gems of the Medici features precious gems, carvings, sculptures, and other works of fine art from the extensive collection of the Medici family. In the mid-1400s, many celebrated artists, goldsmiths, silversmiths and engravers were attracted by the abundance of wealth in the city of Florence, but the most important factor in this gathering of talent was the presence of the Medici family. For almost three hundred years, generation after generation of Medici dominated city affairs and steered the course of art history.

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