What St. Peter's Italian Catholic Church means for the Italians in California

Oct 13, 2021 269

BY: Ninette Bavaro-Latronica

This church is home to the Italian American community in Southern California. Not only do we have St Peters Church, but there’s Casa Italiana, which has a large hall, kitchen upstairs but downstairs are rooms where friends gather for meetings, classes and Sunday morning donuts. The Italian community celebrates Saint days (sometimes every weekend) with Mass, procession and dinner dances which raise a phenomenal amount of money to support the diocese.
The Italian American community and the Scalabrini order, has for decades worked hard to build this beautiful center. As sick as this attack on our beautiful church is, it’s not the first time. I was there twice when there were attacks to Casa Italiana. Though I live 5 hours away, to me St Peters is home. This goes along with California’s beautiful missions, as well as statues of Columbus, Fr Serra and Mother Cabrini…all attacks based whatever lies are convenient.


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