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Nov 02, 2021 302

When Michelangelo the Younger commissioned a 5-month pregnant Artemisia Gentileschi to paint the Allegory of Inclination on Casa Buonarroti’s ceiling, the fee was three times that of her male counterparts. Her allegorical depiction represented just one of many 'virtues' painted to commemorate the qualities of ‘the Divine Michelangelo’. And it had Artemisia’s face.

To start our celebrations for Women’s History Month, on March 8th we persented ‘The Artemisia Connection’, a webinar inspired by Michelangelo’s legacy and Artemisia’s artistic ‘inclination’. During this program, introduced by Cristina Acidini, President of Casa Buonarroti, and taking place inside the very gallery where Artemisia’s angelic figure still lives, Conservator Elizabeth Wicks interviewed author Linda Falcone, Director of Advancing Women Artists.

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SOURCE: https://iicwashington.esteri.it

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