Celebrating 100 Years of Devotion to San Giuseppe in Lodi, New Jersey

Sep 05, 2014 630

By Giovanni di Napoli

What better way to celebrate Labor Day than at the Feast of San Giuseppe, patron saint of workers. Monday, my friends and I made our way to Lodi, New Jersey for the centennial celebration of the Feast of Saint Joseph. Warmly welcomed, we celebrated Mass in English and Italian with Most Reverend Bernard A. Hebda, Coadjutor Archbishop of Newark, New Jersey.

After Mass, San Giuseppe was brought out to the expectant crowd with much fanfare—confetti, fireworks, music, and, of course, thunderous applause greeted our beloved patron. Excited, devotees rushed to pin their donations on to the saint and say a prayer. When the generous offerings finally subsided, the Procession began and made its way through the streets of Lodi.

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Source: http://magnagrece.blogspot.it/

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