Via ch'eccoli: After two-year break, Race of the Saints returns

May 27, 2022 181

BY: Kathy Pezak

After a two-year hiatus thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic, the streets of Jessup will be filled this weekend with people celebrating a tradition brought here by Italian immigrants decades ago. Whether you’ve never experienced the annual St. Ubaldo Day or you just need a refresher before the big event, here’s what you need to know about la Festa dei Ceri.

Who are St. Ubaldo, St. George and St. Anthony? Back in Italy in 1150 AD, 12 Umbrian cities led by Frederick Barbarossa joined forces to attack and obliterate the town of Gubbio. Surrounding towns were destroyed and Gubbio’s Bishop Ubaldo Baldassini went to negotiate with Barbarossa to leave the town alone, never really expecting to return.

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