Law firm hired, investigates Columbus monument attack in Little Italy

Jul 10, 2021 627

"The Italian American Civic Club of Maryland and an 80-year-old resident of Baltimore’s Little Italy neighborhood have retained the firm Piatt Law PLLC, based in Central Pennsylvania, to conduct an investigation to seek answers and determine possible next steps with regard to several violent attacks and possible hate crimes in Little Italy during 2020.

The attacks include the July 4, 2020 toppling of the Christopher Columbus monument located in Baltimore’s Little Italy neighborhood and at least one known attack on an 80-year-old female resident of the neighborhood, though the investigation could uncover information on other attacks as local residents become more aware of the inquiry.

'In one case, my client, an 80-year-old female resident of Little Italy, was pushed to the ground by the violent protestors as they demolished the Christopher Columbus statue on July 4, 2020. The woman’s foot was stepped on, her ankle twisted, and she was violently shoved to the ground when approaching the statue,' said Jason Piatt, attorney for both the Italian American Civic Club of Maryland and the victim. 'I understand that when she approached police who were nearby, they told her they were ordered to refrain from engaging in the incident.'

The investigation will include outreach to the local community to request that residents who may know of other victims or have important information to come forward and contact Piatt Law. It will also include outreach to Baltimore city leaders to seek specific answers to a series of questions centered on the violence against local residents and the illegal toppling and severe damage to the Christopher Columbus monument, which was donated to the city as a gift to recognize and honor the city’s Italian-American heritage on October 23, 1985 ... by the Italian American Organization United.

Other possible victims and anyone with important information is asked to contact the law firm privately at 717-655-5487."

SOURCE: Promotion Center for Little Italy, Baltimore

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