Lecture on Roma and Lazio - Saturday 25th at 2:45-4:45 pm

Oct 24, 2014 850

In our Bethesda location, you will enjoy 8 classes of history, geography, art and archeology of Rome and its region. Starting from the Etruscan civilization and the origin of the "eternal city", you will learn about medieval Rome and Lazio, the origin of papacy, Rome and its monuments of the Renaissance, of the 17th and 18th centuries. The course will be in Italian and in English. No grammar will be covered. A discovery of the traditional Roman food, with the possibility of learning the recipe and taste it is also included.

The Instructor: Andrea Siotto is from Rome. He has an undergraduate degree in Art History and an MA in Contemporary History. His master's thesis was on an insurrection against the Pope, which occurred in Rome in 1867. In his free time he enjoys the marvelous company of his wife, his cats and his books.

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Source: http://www.italianculturalsociety.org

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