Nutley UNICO continues to serve community, preserve heritage

Nov 06, 2020 317

BY: Shanee Frazier Eweka

From its humble beginnings as a group of men concerned with preserving Italian American heritage and expanding their political footprint in the community, Nutley UNICO has become an organization synonymous with ethnic pride and commitment to civic duty.

In 1953, a group of caring Italian American men in town founded the Columbus Civic Club of Nutley, which was the predecessor to Nutley UNICO. The Columbus Civic Club lasted until 1958, and in 1959, Nutley UNICO came into being. The signature page of the original UNICO National Charter application, signed Aug. 12, 1959, includes the names of 53 men; the inaugural Nutley UNICO dinner, chaired by Frank Cocchiola Sr., was held just two months later, on Oct. 10, 1959. 

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