in person > Goldschmied & Chiari: Magnifica (at Cody Gallery)

Sep 23, 2021 337

The Embassy of Italy, the Italian Cultural Institute in Washington, DC, and International Arts & Artists, in collaboration with Cody Gallery at Marymount University, are pleased to present Goldschmied & Chiari’s first solo show in Washington DC, "Magnifica".

The exhibit, curated by Allison Nance, will debut a new series of Untitled Views, the artists’ signature works experimenting with editing colored smoke flares into artificial landscapes, and then fusing them with mirrored glass in a very particular printing process. Almost as in a dialogue with the anthropomorphic shapes of tailored Murano vases (“Magnifica”), these playful pieces of art merge genres of performance art, studio-based photography, portraiture, and pop, subtly changing according to the surrounding space and the viewer's perspective.  

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