Remembrance Day 2022 > Film screening and discussion: Kinderblock (L’ultimo inganno) by Ruggero Gabbai

Jan 12, 2022 177

On the occasion of the International Holocaust Remembrance Day 2022, the Embassy of Italy and the Italian Cultural Institute invite you to a special screening of Kinderblock, a documentary by Ruggero Gabbai.

On March 29, 1944, Andra and Tatiana Bucci, aged four and six, were deported from Fiume, Italy, to Auschwitz. Born of a Jewish mother, there was no chance that the two sisters would survive in a place designed for mass murder. However, their striking physical resemblance confused the SS doctor who was supervising the selections and, mistaken for twins, Andra and Tatiana were selected along with their young 4-year-old cousin Sergio De Simone to serve in Dr. Mengele’s medical experiments.

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