Thanks to the guy in Kennett Square, Andrea Doria’s foghorn sounds again

Jul 20, 2021 337

A man from Kennet Square, who helped restore the unlucky Andrea Doria’s original foghorn, is a survivor and historian of a shipwreck commemorating the 65th anniversary of a ship’s collision at the New Jersey Maritime Museum on July 25. One of the home and divers. At the event, Andrea Doria’s foghorn will ring again for the first time in 65 years.

Local artisans, including Eric Zandotti of Kennett Square, built a short steel mast base to which the fog horn was attached. Christine Genghini and Nathan Granja of Doylestown made a horn bass and a wooden bass on which the horns are placed. Scott Chardi Dartmouth, Massachusetts, cleaned the bronze portion of the horn and restored it to a mirror finish. 

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