The Shining Stone of West Scranton

Jan 28, 2016 985

Two soldiers lay dying. The Italian soldier beseeches Jesus Christ to take his soul to Heaven while the war rages on behind him. To his left, an American soldier prays the same prayer to the Blessed Mother. Brothers in arms, now brothers in marble. Every day for more than 85 years, the sun rises and sets on the faces of these two men, etched in time on the front of St. Lucy's Parish, the Mother Italian Church of the Diocese of Scranton, Pa.

"The history of this parish is really unique," said Rev. Sam Ferretti, the pastor of St. Lucy's Parish. "When it was built, this was still basically an immigrant parish with a lot of family members in Italy, and both Italy and the United States were allies in World War I. The parish was dramatically impacted by the war because they were getting death notices here and as well as for relatives in Italy."

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