Vincenzo “Enzo” Fragomeni New President Lido Civic Club

Jan 01, 2019 1167

Continuing the 89th years-old tradition, Lido Civic Club President Thomas Regnante, passed the gavel to newly elected President Vincenzo “Enzo” Fragomeni at the recent Lido Civic Club Past Presidents Night Gala. Enzo, whose term begins on January 1, 2019, is a proud first generation Italian-American whose parents both emigrated from Italy.

His father, Domenico, was from Segni, Provincia di Roma, Regione Lazio. His mother, Carmela, is from Oliveto Lucano, Provincia di Matera, Regione Basilicata. Enzo was born in Silver Spring, MD at Holy Cross hospital and baptized at Holy Rosary Church in Washington, DC. He lives in Rockville, Maryland with his loving, and very patient, wife Paula. They are the extremely proud parents of their 6 year-old son, Domenico Salvatore, and 1 year-old twins, Carmela Pina and Gianluca Michele.

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