Backstage with the Arcada Theatre’s Ron Onesti: Has It Been That Long Already?

May 26, 2021 478

BY: Dana Petrie

Here we are, fourteen months since the initial “Lockdown” was ordered.  Who would have ever thought this would have been possible?  The Vatican and Vegas strip shut down, no sports, no concerts or festivals, nobody in school, classic hotels shuttered, no travel, on and on. So many lost their lives, so many suffered.  Then there were those who tragically could not be with their loved ones during their final moments.  How horrible was that?

But somehow, we remained strong.  We endured the unthinkable-physically, mentally and morally.  We all did the best we could to stay healthy, and to stay positive.  We found new ways to engage-ZOOM meetings, Livestreaming music, car parades and curbside service.

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