Bellwood Mayor Frank Pasquale

Jan 04, 2016 1173

by Leonard F. Amari

This month, we highlight the distinguished career of Frank A. Pasquale, mayor of Bellwood. The three-term mayor was elected in 2001, after serving as a Memorial Park District Commissioner for 20 years and as a village trustee for six. When Frank ran for re-election in April, he let it be known it was because many of his goals for Bellwood have yet to be met. Those who truly know Frank know that he will always have new and improved goals for his adopted town. Frank is known as doer, an elected official who accomplished tasks and then tackles the next challenge.

Both of Mayor Pasquale's parents came from Abruzzo. He and his wife, Vivian, moved to Bellwood from Chicago in 1963. Frank saw a diamond in the rough in Bellwood due to its close proximity to the City of Chicago and O'Hare Airport, which made it a perfect place to live and raise a family.

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