Catarina’s Ristorante: Italian-American Fish Fry

Sep 26, 2013 1311

By David Luhrssen

With its secluded booths and Sinatra tunes on the stereo, Catarina's Ristorante (9104 W. Oklahoma) is a great place for a date. The kitchen is leisurely, meaning the preparation is fresh, and the portions are ample. The filet melts in your mouth, the various Italian-style chicken dishes are flavorful, and on Fridays, this legacy Sicilian-American restaurant puts out an excellent fish fry ($12.95) with choice of walleye or perch pan-fried golden brown. Forget the marbled rye and slaw.

Like every entrée at Catarina's, the fish fry comes with choice of soup or salad, steak fries or pasta, plus a loaf of sliced Italian bread and a bowl of olive oil with chopped garlic cloves. Well, go easy on the latter if you're on a date.


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