Frank Cicero— Protestant or Catholic? His Family of “relative strangers”

Nov 04, 2013 771

Frank Cicero is a trial and appellate lawyer. He has tried and argued a wide variety of civil and criminal matters in courts at all levels in the United States as well as in international arbitrations and litigations. He is a member of numerous professional societies, including The American College of Trial Lawyers and the Società di Studi Valdesi.

Frank's accomplishments and cases he has tried have been discussed in various publications including Who's Who in America; The Best Lawyers in America; Superwreck, by Rudolph Chelminski, William Morrow & Co., Inc.; The Man Who Beat Clout City, by Robert McClory, Swallow Press, Inc.; L'Affaire Amoco, by Yvon Rochard, Editions ArMen; and Le procès de l'Amoco Cadiz, by Alphonse Arzel, Édilarge S.A.–Éditions Ouest-France.

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