Mussolini gave Cincinnati a statue. Should it still be in Eden Park?

Jan 08, 2020 667

BY: Sharon Coolidge

In 2015, The Enquirer wrote a story highlighting the fact that a statue in Eden Park was actually a gift to Cincinnati from Benito Mussolini. Yes, the Italian dictator. That story was posted to nearly five years ago and when it was tweeted out by a local reporter Monday, Cincinnati City Councilman Chris Seelbach responded with a tweet of his own.

It's time for it to be moved, Seelbach said. Maybe to a museum, he added. He said he was drafting a motion to have it removed from the park. "Statues from the monster that was Benito Mussolini don't belong in our parks," Seelbach wrote. "Museums? Maybe. But not Cincinnati parks."

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