Naked to the Water(s): Early Christians Between Baths and Baptisms

Sep 19, 2023 103

Monday, October 02, 2023 at 4:00 pm CT. Entrance: Free. Loyola University, McCormick Lounge. 1000 W Sheridan Ave, Chicago IL. Presented by prof. Stefania Santelia. The ancient Romans particularly loved the thermal baths: for centuries, they were a place of physical well-being, socialization, and relaxation for everyone, men and women alike.

However, in the early centuries of the Christian era, a new way of "thinking" about the baths gradually emerged: even the thermal practice changed to adapt to the requirements of Christian precepts and morality. In this lecture, prof. Stefania Santelia will present the changes in thermal practices under the influence of early christianity.

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