Hundreds Turn Out For Small-Town Italian Dinner

Mar 19, 2018 630

BY: Kadne Milner

Hundreds of Four-Staters came out to small-town Scammon, Kansas this afternoon to get some authentic Italian food. Saint Bridget's Church held its annual Italian dinner. For $15 folks could get spaghetti and meatballs, lasagna, polenta and much more. All the money raised from the dinner will go towards the church's charity programs and general fund. The event honors Saint Jospeh's feast day, which is a traditional Italian holiday that was brought over to the US by immigrants.

Saint Joseph's Table chairman Steve Langerot says, "It's a feast day to celebrate that the drought was over in Italy and Sicily several hundred years ago. And the people survived on fava beans. And that's why everybody get three fava beans for good luck. The Italians that immigrated to America brought this tradition with them."

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