Music & Mathematics: an Italian Perspective

Mar 17, 2017 950

The ICC is pleased to announce a special presentation and piano performance to be held on Wednesday, March 29th, at 6:30 p.m. and hosted by the School of Music of the University of Minnesota. Maria Mannone, will present “Music and Mathematics: an Italian Perspective".

What is the connection between art and science? These apparently opposite fields of the human knowledge have an incredible story of interactions and mutual influences. Science can inspire artistic production, and answers some questions while opening new ones. Art gives Science new food for thought, and helps understanding abstract concepts in an intuitive way. As in a progressive zoom, we start from general considerations, then we address on math, physics, and music, to focus on the Italian contribution to these fields across the centuries. A short gallery of important contributions is completed by musical “live” examples. A short piano recital follows the presentation, including a section with improvised piano music based on the suggestions of the public, as an interactive exchange between public and performance.

The event is FREE but we ask you to register to help us plan the event. REGISTER HERE 

Maria Mannone (Palermo, 1985) earned Masters in Theoretical Physics, Orchestral Conducting, Composition, and Piano in her native Italy; in France, the Master 2 ATIAM at IRCAM-UPMC Paris VI Sorbonne. She’s currently Ph.D. candidate in Composition at the University of Minnesota, where she developed an interdisciplinary research, in collaboration with the Fine Institute of Theoretical Physics. She participated in international conferences about math and music as invited speaker, and recently to the Joint Mathematics Meetings in Atlanta, Georgia. She’s author and co-author of books and articles about the field, that also involve relations between music and visual arts, her strong passion. Her musical compositions have been performed by the Orchestra Sinfonica Siciliana, and during Festival delle Orestiadi di Gibellina, and the Arts Quarter Festival at the U of M. She’s also active as performer and improviser.

The event is organized by the Italian Cultural Center of Minneapolis/Saint Paul, and hosted by the University of Minnesota.
Parking: Convenient parking is available at the University's 19th Avenue and 21st Avenue parking ramps.

SOURCE: Italian Cultural Center of Minneapolis/Saint Paul

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