The Santa Lucia Band returns to Omaha for the 98th annual Santa Lucia Festival

Jul 21, 2022 414

The 98th annual Santa Lucia Festival returns to Omaha this week, as does a cherished staple: The Santa Lucia Band. The band's origins date back more than a century, as other bands including the Peter Cosentino Band and Vincent Emmanual Band merged. Some members today are third-generation, including current conductor Mike DiGiacomo. 

"So many people talk about the history of Little Italy. They talk about the history of the Santa Lucia Festival," said DiGiacomo. "The band is what creates those memories ... the music and the sounds that you hear during the festival." His father, Don DiGiacomo, lead the Santa Lucia Band for 40 years. Vincent Emmanual was the conductor previously, holding the position for nearly 50 years.

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