St. Padre Pio’s Relics Visit Sioux Falls

Oct 01, 2019 584

BY: Jacob Cersosimo

The holy symbolic objects of Saint Padre Pio had hundreds of people in line at the Cathedral of St. Joseph today. All for one reason, to view his relics and honor the saint. “Padre Pio was a very humble obedient man, and he had a lot of pain,” said representative from the St. Pio Foundation Barbara Fitzgerald. “A lot of physical pain a lot of mental pain. The church kind of persecuted him and didn’t believe him, and that is something we can all relate to and I think that’s the power of Padre Pio.”

A few of the relics on display were his mantle, a strand of hair, and a glove he wore. Honoring the items was not just for Catholics. Rector of St. Joseph Cathedral Father James P. Morgan said, “It’s not only just for Catholics what’s happening here this afternoon, it’s for anyone who wants to come up and have an experience of god. An experience of hope, and human goodness.”

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