Ermano & Luigi Paolucci: Two Italian Immigrant Potters In Peabody, Mass.

May 19, 2023 370

The second book in my New England pottery book series, The Moses B. Paige Company: The Last of the Peabody Potteries (published by Historic Beverly, 2020), told the story of Moses Paige (1847/48-1941), who was born in Weare, N.H., before he moved to Winthrop, Maine, for school, around the age of ten.

Once he reached adulthood, Paige became a farmer and relocated to Peabody (formerly South Danvers), Mass., about 1872. His career path quickly changed and he was soon employed at Joseph Reed’s (1809-1884) Pottery in Peabody, the former location of the longstanding Osborn family pottery, which dates back to about 1736.

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