Italian Week at UNH celebrates culture

Oct 30, 2015 339

By Greg Laudani

If you like Italy then this is your lucky week. After announcing the brand new Italian studies major earlier this semester, the UNH Italian Studies Program and the department of classics, humanities and Italian studies are hosting "Italian Week at UNH" to celebrate "Italian Language Week in the World." Italian Language Week takes place every year around the globe to commemorate themes of Italian culture, with this year's theme being music. UNH is hosting three events this week that will give UNH students a splash of Italian music, as well as Italian art and history.

"We're super excited about all of the events," Amy Boylan, associate professor of Italian studies said. "But we really wanted to make it special and involve other people on campus this year because of the major."

Nicola Camerlenghi, assistant professor at Dartmouth College, kicks off the events on Wednesday, Oct. 21 (2:10-3:30 p.m.) with a lecture about his project called Mapping Medieval Rome. His project merges digital humanities and technology with the study of Medieval Rome, architecture and urban planning in Medieval Rome.

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