Lawmakers revive debate over renaming Columbus Day

Jan 11, 2019 425

BY: Dave Solomon

Democratic representatives Tim Horrigan of Dover and Amanda Bouldin of Manchester tried last year to get a bill passed that would change the second Monday in October from Columbus Day to Indigenous Peoples Day in New Hampshire. They were soundly defeated, as the bill was referred to interim study, where lawmakers voted 12-1 on Oct. 29 that the bill is not recommended for future legislation.

But with a newly elected Democratic majority in place, they’re back again this year with a similar bill that attracted a standing room only crowd to the State House hearing room on Wednesday. Four states and about 50 cities officially celebrate Indigenous Peoples’ Day instead of Columbus Day. The states are Alaska, Minnesota, Vermont and South Dakota (which calls it Native American Day). Nevada celebrates indigenous people on a different day than Columbus Day.

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