Linda Balliro – Being a Singer

Jan 29, 2020 621

Saturday February 8. 6:00 PM - 7:30 PM. I AM BOOKS - 189 North Street - BOSTON, MA 02113. Being a Singer: The Art, Craft, and Science provides the solutions you need to make practical, consistent changes in your singing. This book pulls back the curtain on how singing actually works, from cognition to anatomy to your amazing hearing system and even your instincts and emotions.

Based on the training approach of Seth Riggs, supported by vocal science, neuroscience and motor learning, Being a Singer offers clear tools and strategies that train your voice, empower you to find solutions, build your awareness, and develop confidence. Stories and interviews will inspire you. Exercises with clear how-to’s, evaluations, and troubleshooting will train your voice, mind, and body. Exercises are available online.


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