Pittsfield School Committee to Reconsider Indigenous Peoples Day

May 27, 2018 336

BY: Andy McKeever

The School Committee will reconsider its decision to rename Columbus Day to Indigenous Peoples Day after the Italian-American community voiced outrage at the decision. The School Committee in January voted to make the change on the school calendar. But, that brought out the ire of the Italian-American community who showed up in numbers at both this week's City Council meeting and School Committee meeting.

Local Italian groups agree that Columbus was a controversial figure but they also said he was accomplished and made a huge impact on the world. They feel eliminating the holiday is an insult to their Italian heritage. "Regardless of which textbook you believe, Christopher Columbus deserves to be honored, deserves to be debated," said Marietta Rapetti Cawse.

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SOURCE: http://www.iberkshires.com

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