Rhode Island to observe Columbus Day amid talks of rededicating holiday

Oct 09, 2021 869

Columbus Day weekend is Monday, but there have been many changes to the annual holiday. There’s a fight to re-name the holiday in Rhode Island, as Boston and other cities changed Columbus Day to Indigenous Peoples’ Day, with Acting Mayor Kim Janey singing an executive order Thursday.  Andre’ DiMino, who is the spokesman for the Italian American National One Voice Coalition, isn’t happy.

“What other ethnic group, what other ethnicity, is told who they can celebrate and what they can honor?” DiMino told NBC 10’s Gene Valicenti on WPRO Radio Thursday. “Why is it just Italian Americans who remain the ones who just have to accept these things?” he added. “Listen, we have nothing against Indigenous People, but they’ve already got two days in the whole month -- Aug. 9 (and) the day after Thanksgiving – and the whole month of November..”

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