We Visit the Marconi Monument in Wellfleet

Oct 27, 2021 711

BY: Dr. Ed Iannuccilli

Any time we have a chance to go to Cape Cod, we do. We went last weekend to hear an artist friend speak of his work at a gallery in Wellfleet (more on that in an upcoming essay).  The light’s angles on this crisp, clear, cloudless day reminded us that Fall is near. Our casual ride in unusually light traffic allowed us to enjoy the scenery, passing clusters of iconic little cottages along the way.

As our car arched over the Sagamore Bridge, I had a brief look at the marvel of the one-hundred-year-old Cape Cod Canal; frosty light jumping softly off the water’s cobalt surface. Because I was driving, I had only brief glimpses of this engineering marvel. The Sagamore’s lanes are narrow, and I have a fear of heights, so, beautiful, or not, engineering wonder or not, I was eager to arrive on the other side and flat land.

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SOURCE: https://www.golocalprov.com

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