Bill de Blasio Goes Into All-Out Italian Mode for Columbus Day Parade

Oct 13, 2013 837

by Colin Campbell

"Buongiorno!" Bill de Blasio exclaimed as he began a speech today. "Viva Italia!". The front-running mayoral candidate's Italian heritage was on full display this afternoon when he made an appearance at the end of the annual Columbus Day Parade in Bensonhurst, a neighborhood that was once the heart of Brooklyn's Italian-American community. Giving his address to a small crowd, Mr. de Blasio relentlessly extolled Italy and all of those who descend from the country's diaspora.

"For all of us who are Italian-American, we should feel a tremendous pride," Mr. de Blasio proclaimed. "We should feel pride in everything that Italy has contributed to the world–one of the societies that shaped the world as we know it. The civilization, the culture, everything that came from Italy and framed the world as we know it today should be a point of pride in all of us."

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