Blauvelt Sons of Italy Presents Homes for Heroes with $1,500

Aug 07, 2017 817

On July 26th, Michael Guzzino, President of the Blauvelt Sons of Italy Rockland Lodge 2176, presented former Rockland County Legislator and Veteran John Murphy with a check for $1,500. The money will go directly to support Rockland Homes for Heroes, a not-for-profit 501[c]3 corporation, created to provide supportive, permanent, affordable rental apartments for honorably discharged disabled and displaced Veterans.

The apartments are located at Camp Shanks in Orangeburg. Camp Shanks is known as “Last Stop USA”, for the 1.3 million GIs gathered from all over America from 1943 to 1944 for their preparation to sail to Europe to await the D-Day invasion on the Beaches of France. Most of the GI’s killed on the Omaha and Utah Beaches passed through Camp Shanks.

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