Bronx Week: Bronx's Little Italy Welcomes New Cultures

Aug 24, 2014 929

by Erin Clarke

Folks from the Bronx say it's the real Little Italy. The sweet smell of pastries, pasta, bread and meat fill the air of the Belmont section of the Bronx. "I really don't even go downtown to Little Italy. I like it up here," says area resident Dolores Glover. Streets lined with authentic restaurants, shops that even provide products to Lower Manhattan's Little Italy and, of course, for years, mostly Italians lived there.

"It was full of Italians and just like one culture here," one area resident says. Over time, though, that's changed. "In the 70s, it was mostly Italian. Then in the 80s, probably, it became more Spanish. In the 90s, Albanias came in," says Natalia Corridori, general manager of Artuso.

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