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Sep 26, 2021 282

On view on: Stanze Italiane. A new series of video conversations conceived by Vincenzo Pascale and filmed in front of the cozy fireplace (‘Caminetto’) of the Italian Cultural Institute, with nine prominent guests from the academic world ranging from Science, Economics, Tourism and the New York Philanthropy. Each of these scholars, that is well known in the US, has their Italian origins as a common thread, as well as their passion for Italy.

In this first set of new videos, Vincenzo Pascale will interview one of the few Italian women from the top American Academia, Katia Passerini. With a double degree in Political Science and Business and Economics, today she serves as provost at Seton Hall University.

Next, Allison Scola, tourism business woman who quit her managerial career at Columbia University so as to set up a remarkably successful business operating in tourist trips that connect the US with Sicily.

Then, Stephen Lash, founder of Christie's North America and currently Chairman Emeritus. He finds himself among the top global arts experts and is a big admirer of Italy, where he usually stays for vacation or research. Memorabilia of the grand transatlantic lines are one of his biggest passions.


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