Centro Culturale Italiano di Buffalo is “Something that we can all be proud of.”

Aug 02, 2021 291

I must admit that as much as I’ve been covering the arrival of the Centro Culturale Italiano di Buffalo (CCI) until a recent visit I was not fully aware of the impact that this complex would have on the city. And I say “complex” because it is a lot more complex than I imagined. This multifaceted cultural center is a testament to the vibrancy, dedication, and compassion of the WNY Italian community that has painstakingly put this delectable destination together.

During a recent visit to the CCI, I met up with Executive Director John Vecchio (lead image), and various members of his team, who gave me a rundown of the latest and greatest additions to the building and to the grounds.

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SOURCE: https://www.buffalorising.com/

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