The Columbus Controversy and the Politics of Omission

Dec 18, 2017 1623

BY: Anthony Julian Tamburri

There are three reasons, among others, that have convinced me, as dean, to have the Calandra Institute remain officially neutral on the issue of the Christopher Columbus controversy. The John D. Calandra Italian American Institute is a university-wide research institute. It is, secondly, funded primarily by the State of New York with tax-levied monies, which means that our funding, organically, originates from a state-wide population of people who represent a plethora of ideas and ideologies. Third, it is essentially a not-for-profit and hence should not engage in socio-political lobbying, as most 501(c)3 entities should not.

As a research institute, our mission is to engage in the intellectual process of investigation and analysis and present the facts of the case in question as they stand. Can we present both sides? Indeed. Should we then take a stand for one aide against the other? In most cases, as this one, I would say no.

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