Cuomo and de Blasio Try to Make Up Over Nice Italian Dinner

Dec 06, 2015 388

By Jen Kirby

Mayor Bill de Blasio and Governor Andrew Cuomo deigned to have dinner with each of their least favorite people Tuesday night — each other. According to reports, the two metin Manhattan for a (no longer secret and probably pretty awkward) meal to try to seeif they could work out their differences andstop passive-aggressively sniping at each other in the press.

The two dined at Casa Lever, an Italian restaurant in east midtown that isreportedly one of Cuomo's favorite spots. They at least can agree on choice of entrée, as they both ordered a $46 branzino instead of getting meatballs and marinara, which former New York senator Al D'Amato had recommended as the meal for a "pasta summit" to unite the two back in July.

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