A Dealer’s Attempt to Sue the Nation of Italy Over Its Claim on an Ancient Marble Head Has Been Quashed by a U.S. Judge

Aug 05, 2021 321

BY: Kate Brown

A U.S. judge has dismissed an art dealer’s lawsuit against Italy over a disputed sculpture of Alexander the Great. New York’s Safani Gallery brought the suit against the Italian government after the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office, acting on a lead from the Italian culture ministry, seized the ancient artifact.

Safani Gallery’s owner, Alan Safani, had purchased the marble sculpture head of Alexander the Great in 2017. In February 2018, the Italian culture ministry reached out to U.S. officials to report that Safani Gallery was promoting its ownership of the head, which was “a stolen object, rightfully owned” by Italy.

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SOURCE: https://news.artnet.com

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