Endicott's Little Italy Heritage Center Receives $10,000

Dec 06, 2019 428


It was once the valley of opportunity for Italian immigrants seeking a new life in America. Wednesday, the village of Endicott continued to celebrate that tradition.   A small part of that history lives on through the Little Italy Heritage Center.   "It can't do anything but bring back memories to them. Everybody's not consistent, but there's some things here that people have to see," said Endicott Mayor John Bertoni.

In the center, you'll find everything from Endicott-Johnson memorabilia, to pieces like an old phone booth that sat in the popular Oaks Inn restaurant. "Anybody and everybody was in this phone booth at least 10 times. They put the point spreads on the Giants; I mean, it was all over," said Bertoni.

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SOURCE: https://spectrumlocalnews.com/

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