Evviva San Gennaro! A Look at the 89th Annual Feast of San Gennaro in New York City's Historic Little Italy

Sep 22, 2015 678

Saturday, September 19th, I had the great honor and privilege of carrying the statue of our beloved patron San Gennaro through the bustling streets of Little Italy on his feast day. I would like to thank Achille Pirro and Mark Mascioli for making it happen, as well as my fellow lifters for their support and confidence; I had the time of my life!

Special thanks to President Joseph Mattone, John Fratta and all the members of the Figli di San Gennaro, Inc. for their hard work and dedication. I look forward to celebrating with you again next year for the 90th Anniversary. Evviva San Gennaro!

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Source: Magna Grece


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