‘The Godfather’ not welcome at famed San Gennaro Feast in Little Italy

Sep 11, 2022 964

BY: Angela Barbuti

The Feast of San Gennaro put a hit on “The Godfather.” “In our rules, nobody can sell anything with ‘The Godfather’ or mobsters or anything that denigrates Italians,” John Fratta, a member of the committee that runs the iconic Little Italy festival, held from Sept. 15 to 25, told The Post. “We don’t need people thinking that the mob is running the feast.”

The 2016 decree was added to its vendor rules — and store owners in the area were told that if they want to still peddle the items, they must only be sold inside their shops. “It’s gone. We don’t want that crap there,” he said of the mob-orabilia. The vending booths are blessed by a monsignor on the first night of the event, now in its 96th year.

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SOURCE: https://nypost.com

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