Lady Liberty Personified Hope to a Stalwart Generation of Immigrants

Jan 07, 2016 886

By Cookie Curci

The Statue of Liberty stands 151 feet, 1 inch high and weighs 225 tons. The length of her right arm is 42 feet long, her hand 16 feet 5 inches long. Her facial features include a prominent nose that measures 4 feet, 6 inches set between eyes 2 feet 6 inches in width.

Standing on her concrete pedestal base, she rises to a neighborhood of 305 feet. Under her huge feet are broken shackles representing Liberty's victory over tyranny. Lady Liberty needs her mighty dimensions to hold a 23 foot high cement tablet in one hand; the "Torch of Freedom" high above her head, in the other hand, and the hopes and dreams of millions, upon million, of immigrants cradled in her bosom.

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Source: Magna Grece


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