"Migration", a lecture by Vincenzina Santoro

Oct 27, 2017 1368

The Italian American Museum cordially invites you to attend, "Migration", a lecture by Vincenzina Santoro on Thursday, November 2nd, 6:30 PM. Ms. Santoro is an economist and former Vice President of JP Morgan and Co. and is presenting this lecture in conjunction with current exhibit, "Passage" by Yorgos Giotsas. "Passage" is a conceptual multimedia exhibit on immigration from Italy to America in the early 20th century and the surge of immigration into Sicily today.

Italian American Museum - 155 Mulberry Street (Corner of Grand and Mulberry Streets). New York, NY 10013. For reservations please call the Museum at 212.965.9000, send an email to [email protected] or fax 347.810.1028. Light refreshments will be served. Suggested donation of $10 per person.

About the Lecture:

Ms. Santoro will give a perspective on migration from the earliest days of mass movements across borders to the status of migration today and the importance of emigrants' remittances for economic development. Remarks will cover the more recent arrivals of "boat people" across the Mediterranean to Italy and the current "brain drain" from Italy.


SOURCE: Italian American Museum

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